Quickie: Some benchmarking

Quickie: Some benchmarking

So just before sleep, decided to do a quick test to see how far I could push the new terrain system.

And well, very far.

The new system can handle a grid of 96 * 96 without any issue. That’s just under 10000 tiles. Of course, them using the same texture and all made it far easier. But still, that’s pretty badass.


Will run more benchmarks over the weekend, but this is very promising.

Dev Update #20: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Dev Update #20: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Hello folks!

The recent silence isn’t due to a lack of work being done!

Right now, I’m working on refactoring the terrain system to get rid of some old issues that could cause potential trouble in the future. And am making a better model of the mesh, so that the different aspects of it can be modified better, and the separation of concerns can better exist.

This will also make it easier to add more modifications to the water tiles in the near future, as well as better handling for decorations and other potential objects.

It’s better to do it now and lay a good groundwork, while it’s still early, than later on when it is much more annoying to change.

Plus I’ve been pretty happy with the feedback so far, so it was the perfect time to refactor thing.

That doesn’t mean there will be no new demo this weekend!

There will be. But the details are still under wraps! So stay tuned!


Dev Update #19: Blocky Waterfalls?

Dev Update #19: Blocky Waterfalls?


Today’s update is more a question rather than a proper update.

I’ve been working on the water implementation to make it less… Crazy noisy. Right now it just takes the shape of the original land tile; you could end up with crazy heights in certain locations of a lake, which looked quite cool but also quite odd.

So I attempted to make the water more level so that there could be waterfalls and stuff.

However, it doesn’t look quite there yet… This is what I came up with:


The water is level in some areas, with a straight fall downwards. Which isn’t bad, but looks odd specially in places like the left side fall. Some of this could be fixed with some particles and effects, like my sketch below:


With some good particle work, I’m sure it could work but… Hmm… It feels too blocky. Since the terrain is less “voxel” and more “low-poly”, the procedural water mesh would need a lot of work to make it work consistently in this.

However, as I write this post, a potential solution came to me. I could simply make the water default to the base water level (or lower, if the terrain goes below base water level), and then add specialized waterworks tool, so that you could add some special decorations to the water; floating plants, waterfalls etc. This would indubitably be much easier to implement than getting a procedural thing that works well.

So I guess I’ll go with that!

Man explaining things really help you come up with solutions! Cheers folks!


New Terrain Demo Released!

New Terrain Demo Released!

Hello folks!

I’ve just finished building and packaging the latest demo!

You can find it here!

The focus of this demo is on the new terrain features for drag and painting the terrain/decoration, as well as new flatten terrain functionality, and the water!

Any bugs you find, let me know! Any suggestions you have, let me know!

As always, you can find me easily on Boss Golf’s discord channel, right here!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


Dev Update #18: Playing with Water

Dev Update #18: Playing with Water

Hello  folks!

For today’s update, we’ll talk about water!

I have implemented the feature to allow you to build rivers/lakes along your golf course! Woohoo!

Just have a couple of kinks to iron out ahead of tomorrow’s demo, but it will be fine. Here’s something I built with it:


Still have to decide how to work with the water level and whatnot. Should the tile be flattened first? Shoul the water descent to a specific level? Or is it fine to have it all undulating surrealistically? Not sure yet! That’s what tomorrow’s demo will be for!

Stay tuned for more!


Dev Update #17: Better flattening!

Dev Update #17: Better flattening!

Heyo folks!

This quick update is about the flattening tool. In the previous incarnation, it was a bit confusing as to how it was actually doing the flattening. Some thought it was averaging, some thought it was going to the max/min of the quad.

In actuality, it was dependent on the vertex closest to your click. Which, looking back now, while functionally good, it wasn’t well represented by the controls.

So, I’ve changed it so that it will flatten the quad to the highest vertex. And I also made it compatible to dragging, as you can see below:


It is always based off of the highest vertex on the first selected quad. Works like a treat, though processing it can be a bit laggy in some cases. I’ll take a look at optimizing  it later if we end up going with it.

The vertex and tile height controls will remain as is, as they offer a very good control with the way they are. I envision users using the flatten tool to make a larger area flat, and then using the vertex/tile tools to further refine the terrain as they wish.

Next up; water! Have some ideas about how to tackle rivers/ponds, and am going to begin working on it now. This weekend we’ll have an awesome demo with a lot of new stuff compared to the previous one! Once I can make terrain editing/course building fun, that’s already half the battle!

Thanks for reading!