Dev Update #20: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Dev Update #20: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Hello folks!

The recent silence isn’t due to a lack of work being done!

Right now, I’m working on refactoring the terrain system to get rid of some old issues that could cause potential trouble in the future. And am making a better model of the mesh, so that the different aspects of it can be modified better, and the separation of concerns can better exist.

This will also make it easier to add more modifications to the water tiles in the near future, as well as better handling for decorations and other potential objects.

It’s better to do it now and lay a good groundwork, while it’s still early, than later on when it is much more annoying to change.

Plus I’ve been pretty happy with the feedback so far, so it was the perfect time to refactor thing.

That doesn’t mean there will be no new demo this weekend!

There will be. But the details are still under wraps! So stay tuned!