Weekly Update #4: Building Better Buildings

Weekly Update #4: Building Better Buildings

Hello folks!

This past week I’ve focused on getting the building builder up and running, and improving the new system for creating the hole. So, let’s get to the meaty details!

First off, the Building Builder: (Roofless, for now!)


In Boss Golf, buildings will be instrumental in expanding your resort, improving its rating, and giving you access to new features.

To build something up, You start by drawing up the plot (the blue/yellow buttons at the top). This will form the basic blueprint for your building, determining its shape. The bigger the building, the better the bonuses.

Then you can choose the building type, which will modify the options available to you. Building a pool? You’ll have the option to add the pool, a poolhouse etc. Building a restaurant? Perhaps some outdoor area would be nice! Oh and you can also set the number of floors you wish for your building!

Finally, you’ll paint the walls with the material you wish, and choose the style of roofing for the top.

Once you approve of the construction, the building will be set for uh construction, and the little builder guy (if you have any hired), will approach it and get to work! You’ll see a scaffolding popping up surrounding the building as the work is done. The size of the building will determine how long it’ll take to be completed.

And next up, are improvements for the Hole Builder:


I’ve made some decisions regarding the building of a hole.

To start off, you’ll be able to set the hole/tee positions, landscaping with the tiles, adding hazard (bunker, water etc), and modify the terrain. Decorations will only be available outside the hole play area.

In the image above, you can see an area oulined in blue, and an area outlined in red. This is the view you have while editing a hole. The red outline belongs to other holes, and you can’t build over there on your current hole. This gives you a better overview over the layout of your course, trying to use all the available space in a smart way to make the holes fit. (Alternatively, expand and go crazy)

Now, outside the hole builder you’ll still be able to place landscaping tiles. But you won’t be allowed to place fairway and green tiles outside the hole builder. If you want to edit the hole, you’ll have to open the editor.

It loses some of the previous flexibility, but the control gained makes it worth it.

And then we come to the next cool thing added, which is the hole rating. Now that holes are self contained, it is much easier/nicer to give them rating on 3 different attributes:


This is basically a measure of the size of the playing area on the course. It’s a relationship between the yardage of the hole, and the number of tiles it uses. So a long course with a lot of tiles will have a higher Span measure than a long course with fewer tiles. It is a very simple dimension.


This measures the relation between the number of good tiles and the number of hazard tiles on your course. If there’s more good tiles, it’s an “easier” course; if there’s more hazard tiles, it’s a “harder” course.

At first glance, this is a very simple way of measuring difficulty. It could be that your hole is set in a single green tile surrounded by water, and every other tile is a nice well kept fairway. It would really unbalance the rating of the course and make it look deceptively easy. That’s why we have the next rating.


Risk will basically look at the hole and find particularly difficult shots. It checks the connections between each tile to assign them a rating, thereby identifying tricky spots. It act as a counterbalance to the Difficulty setting. So where the hole described above would have “low difficulty”, the risk factor would be through the roof. It would be a hole that would consist of a single challenge, with an easy path until you get to it. Increasing the Risk of your being thrown off your game by a tricky hole.

(Mind you, this terminology is still up in the air!)

So with those three guides, you can more accurately measure the kind of hole you are building, and how to make it better. Golfers will have their preferences in those three aspects, making it a challenge to keep your members happy.

Later, way later, I’m also planning on allowing you to save the hole you’ve built so that you can use as a preset at another course. Take your classic number 9 with you.

That’s about it for now. The builder guy is also in, to begin building the stuff (though there’s of course bugs with it).

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for next week’s update!


Weekly Update #3: Divide and Conquer!

Weekly Update #3: Divide and Conquer!

Hello folks!

This past’s week task was focused on expanding the gameplay systems in Boss Golf; mostly revolving around giving the players more things to do and to manage.

First things first: Decay!

Now the landscapers won’t be tasked solely with laying down decoration and tiles: they’re also responsible for maintaining them! The tiles you lay will decay after a set period of time, with special events making them decay faster. The landscapers will try and attend to it to ensure your resort is running in tip top shape. If it decays to 0, it’ll revert to plain grass.


Together with that, you can now set the priorities for each type of task for the landscapers! Want a guy solely focused on maintenance? You can do that. Want a guy that prefers doing the landscaping than decoration? You can do that too!

Next up, hole building overhaul!

Until now, the hole building in Boss Golf was very loosely constrained; you just placed things around and saw how they worked. It was nice in the sense that you had a lot of freedom, but not so nice in the sense that it was hard to get information about how you should be building the hole, the outcomes of it etc.

Not anymore, with the new hole building!


Now the new panel is pretty much all in one; you place the hole, tee, lay down the tiles, place decoration, all in one go. Then, when you’re happy with what the hole should be, you just accept it and the landscapers will get to work!

New also is the ability to set the “play space” for your hole. This is the area where you can landscape and place decoration and the hole components. This also tells you the estimated play path in the hole (as seen in the yellow line in the picture), which is completely dynamically changing as you shape your hole. It’s only a guideline, though, as golfers will still try and decide for themselves the best way to play it!

But it does act as a marker for out of bounds. Any ball that lands in the fenced-in area is fair game. If it lands outside, oops! Penalty!

After building the hole, you can summon a special NPC to give it an expected rating of play. (you’ll also get this rating adjusted as golfers play through it)

Later on there’ll be a better shot analyzer to give you information about potential shots on different spots in the hole.

This style of building will be expanded to the water hazards and other hazard types too, giving you more control about shaping them, and reading the statistics on them.

On the other side of things, I’ve also begun prototyping the system for building buildings in the game. It’ll be a pretty cool click and drag system with options for customizations, allowing you to build the building the way you want it built.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for the next weekly update!

Weekly Update #2: Breaking New Ground

Weekly Update #2: Breaking New Ground

Hello folks!

Following the development path, this week has been focused on extending the new UI to the other elements, implementing the localization pipeline, and beginning the implementation of new workers!

To start off, the new UI!

I’ve decided to take the UI into a more modern and streamlined direction. Gone is the green/white panels, and in are these awesome new darker panels:


In there you can see one of the new features, which is the resort rating. It’s based on the categories as seen in the window. Improving these will increase the rating of your resort, which will unlock new things as well as attract better golfers.

Another thing added were more ingame panels:


These are for when you wanna expand your resort! You can now break new ground and expand your resort to accommodate more holes. Now, the number of holes you can build is limited to the size of your resort. Need the full 18 holes? Gotta need a larger resort!

Next is the localization pipeline. It has been integrated into the panels, and anything that uses text in the game will be connected to a main localization controller that pulls the necessary data. It’s also very easy to update/add new languages! Big win!

And I’ve also begun adding new staff to the resort. Soon there’ll be janitors and foremans roaming around. I’m also implementing the systems ingame to make those characters needed!

That’s all for this week! These updates will tend to come on the weekend, as that’s when I have extra time to boost development!

See you next Sunday!