Boss Golf Closed Alpha updated!

Boss Golf Closed Alpha updated!

Hello golfers!

I’ve updated the Boss Golf closed alpha to version 0.2.

This version features golf gameplay, including the player character, basic idling AI that roams around your course, and a number of other small fixes.

Those of you who signed up for the closed alpha should get an email soon with more download information. Otherwise, just hit up and the build should be there.

Those of you who haven’t signed up for a club membership, you may apply for the closed alpha here!

We’re not at capacity yet for the closed alpha, but the spots will run out soon! So get that sign up going!

That’s all for today folks. For alpha 0.3, I’m aiming at basic play AI, better ground collision, basic pathfinding/avoidance, as well as paths that you can build to link your holes. As a stretch goal, basic save/load capabilities.

That’s all for now folks! It’s a beautiful weather out today. Get to that green!

Billy Golf is back!

Billy Golf is back!

Hello folks!

Billy Golf is now back in action! The character will now once again move to the ball, prepare himself, and take the shot. I’ve added a handful of new states to the state machine, to delegate the golf gameplay to the golfer. Now you will prepare the shot, and the little dude will move to the ball and execute it. Look at him go!




Funnily, the first couple of times he approached the ball too close, and the ball ended up colliding with himself on the way to the hole haha. But that’s been fixed. For now. Can easily be unfixed too, perhaps for some easter eggs, such as an extremely clumsy golfer.

And some of the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed a couple of other characters hanging around the golf course. I’ve added a handful of AI golfers to make things seem more lively, and will be hooking them up to the state machine this week. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get alpha 0.2 done, so that you can play the game with better golf gameplay, and see little AI people milling about your course. Hopefully also can get some walls in to separate your owned land from the rest of the land too.

We’ll see!

Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!

Dev Update #38: Day-Night Cycle Implemented

Dev Update #38: Day-Night Cycle Implemented

Hello folks!

For a quick detour in plans, on suggestion of a player, I’ve implemented a basic Day-Night time cycle into the game following this very handy guide. This way, as you build up your course, things will feel a lot less static than before.

This system will also be used for determining everything else in the game regarding time; progression, money, AI actions etc. For now, there’s 3 speed settings, with the slowest one taking about 10 minutes for a full day, and the fastest one taking about 2 minutes.

Next level for it will be limiting the times the course will be operational; as there’s no 24-hour golf course. Yet. This will also affect your budget and upkeep and whatnot. So next major update will be management!

For now, here’s a nice GIF timelapse!

Boss Golf - Timelapse

And here you can see the difference between Morning – Noon – Evening:

There’s lots of room for playing with the light color, the fog etc, to add more life to the transitions. But it’s good enough for now!

Will roll this out into the demo tomorrow! So stay tuned!

That’s all for today, folks!

Dev Update #35: Customizable UI!

Dev Update #35: Customizable UI!

Hello folks!

With the new UI overhaul, many things were moved to floating menus. So today’s update is about the system that allows you to move certain UI panels around in order to customize them!

You can see it in action below:


Simply click and drag on the UI element you wish, and it will lock into the new place. I’ll also make it so your settings are saved every time you play.

I’ve also gone ahead and fixed a bug where the water tile would disappear if you added a water tile > put a tree decoration on top -> placed a water tile again. Now it works as expected.

Next, I’m working on the new Shot menu. It’ll give you better options when making your shot, as well as allow you to add some spin to it too. There’ll still be the current separation between shot styles (Drive, Approach, Putt, Chip etc), but you’ll be able to set the rotation manually to alter the trajectory. Not sure yet how I’ll add it to the shot visualization (the line that shows you the trajectory of the ball), but I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Shots will also have a section explaining more or less the usage of each shot, and a distance counter to better let you know how far you are shooting.

That’s it for today folks!


Boss Golf SubReddit!

Boss Golf SubReddit!

Hello folks!

To make it easier to create discussions about the game, as well as share things with the overall public, I went ahead and created a subreddit for the game. I’ll keep it updated as much as I can, together with this website and our Facebook page!

(This devblog is still the number one spot for your Boss Golf info!)

Anywho, you can find it here!

Hope to see you guys there!


Dev Update #25: Well, that was easier than anticipated!

Dev Update #25: Well, that was easier than anticipated!

Hey folks!

Implementing the procedural collider was actually more effortless than I had anticipated! Prototyped it off the bat, integrated it with the current terrain, threw the ball at it, and well, check it out!


And here you can see the procedural collider in action, recreating the collider as the ball moves through different tiles:


So this is excellent progress. There’s still an issue with some cases where the procedural mesh will be generated slightly above the actual tile, so that’s something I’ll investigate as I develop it. But that worked pretty well, and Boss Golf is looking more like a game!

Next will be to add colliders to other objects (like the trees), and tweaking the physics of the ball. Afterwards, implement the controls to make it more playable (IE: click the hole you wanna play, ball is spawned there, give it some taps and try to complete the hole.), and add more shot options.

Dev Update #23: Upgraded Terrain Done!

Dev Update #23: Upgraded Terrain Done!

Hello folks!

Today I wanted to release a new demo with the newly improved terrain and water system, but I had a change of heart.

The upgraded terrain is done and implemented, connected to the hole system and all. Also added a sketch of the boundary system that will generate the “out of bounds” area around the buildable area. This will be expanded upon later, during polish, as I want it to be done well.

So for next steps, there’s two main tasks on the current list: Scenario Editor and Golf Gameplay

Scenario Editor

This feature will allow me (and others) to design the rules and basic outline of a scenario for the game. I’ll be using this tool to make the main missions in the game, as well as allow others to use it to make custom stuff. You’ll be able to select goals, starting conditions, limitations, sizes etc.

Golf Gameplay

This is the actual gameplay of playing a round of golf around the course. It allows you to select types of shots, and select where you’d like to try and hit it. Depending on your golfer skill, you’ll be more or less accurate with your shot. Depending on the terrain, your shot may also bounce, roll etc. I want to make the act of playing golf more about the strategy of it rather than pressing a button at the correct time and whatnot.

So, with these two main tasks at hand, I had to make a decision. And I did:

We’re going with Golf Gameplay! This way you’ll be able to build your holes, and attempt playing them and see how well you do! So a basic playable version of this will be the target for next weekend!

And I’ll leave you with a course I built:


Stay tuned for updates!