New Main Menu in 0.66!

New Main Menu in 0.66!

Hello folks!

Update 0.66 is out for the closed alpha, including a brand new main menu!


From the main menu, you can now choose to create your own Sandbox (with limited options as of now; mainly Resort name and the Size); Load a previously saved game (and you can have multiple saves!); and tweak a couple of basic Options (for now, panning and rotating speeds of the camera. If you have some requests, send a comment or message!)

Not only that, in game now you also have a menu you can access to save the game, change options, load another game etc:


So there you go! More freedom to play the game your way, and getting closer to Early Access features!

Oh, and there may be a pretty big announcement for the end of this month! So stay tuned!

Of Graphs and Charts!

Of Graphs and Charts!

Hello folks!

Work has been progressing awesomely for Boss Golf 0.6! I’ve finished implementing the firing feature, as well as saving the people you hire. Optimized the system again so that it only instantiates the workers when necessary, and keeps a list of StaffData objects that contains the descriptors for each worker. So now the game starts with 100 Landscapers in the pool, and a handful of them being available for hiring every month!

I could release the current state of the game as is, but… I’ve taken a step forward, and began overhauling the Financial features too!

Starting in 0.6, this is what your financial panel will look like:


Look at all those graphs and charts!

At a glance, from the summary, you’ll be able to see right away the overall picture of the financial health of your resort. You have the Overall Balance at the top, followed by the Profit/Loss on a monthly basis, then snapshots of your biggest sources of Income and of Expenditure, as well as your Approval Rate (a new feature that will be fully implemented later! Together with special requests to the owners of the resort you are managing!).

Then you also have sections for Income and Expenses and Salary, which will give you more detailed information about these aspects of your golf resort, breaking down the financials to more fine grained chunks.

And lastly a Prices panel, where you’ll be able to set the various prices of things on your resort, as well as information on purchase rates and whatnot.

This is still not the final version of the Financial System for Boss Golf, but it is a massive leap forward compared to what we have now!

Once I finish this implementation, 0.6 will be ready for testing!

Stay tuned!

Contracts and Objectives!

Contracts and Objectives!

Hello folks!

Today’s update on Boss Golf is again on the financial side of things: Contracts and Objectives!


Contracts are something that will be featured heavily in Boss Golf’s campaign mode. Every golf resort you get the chance to manage will come with an accompanying  contract, which sets out the duration of the term, the salary your character will receive for his job, and the Objectives by which your management performance will be measured.

In the campaign mode you will have the chance to manage multiple resorts at the same time, flying between them for the occasional changes and tweaks and important events. Keeping an eye on the contract will let you know how close you are to fulfilling the expectations of the board, in order to guarantee a renewal or an extension, continued business. As the owner of the wanna-be premier golf resort tycoon company, you’re only as good as your customer base is!

In the scenario mode, as well as for the demo of the game, your contract will become the single list of objectives to fulfill in order to achieve a victory. Think of it as a bite-sized version of the campaign mode, for when you just want to manage a single resort up to stardom, or try different ways of achieving the same objectives.

The current implementation features a struct that makes up your Contract, attached to the resort you are currently managed, and a class for Objectives, which is inherited and connected via an interface. This allows me to design a great number of objectives that can be attached to any contract, and make them as custom as I want them to be, and as easy to implement. When using the scenario editor, you’ll be able to choose the contract objectives you want, as well as tweak the parameters to what you think would be interesting values.

The current list of objectives contains:

  • Monthly Revenue: Reach and maintain a minimum monthly revenue
  • Yearly Revenue: Reach and maintain a minimum yearly revenue
  • Membership: Reach a minimum number of members for the resort
  • Daily Attendance: Reach a minimum daily attendance
  • Average Daily Attendance: Reach and maintain an average daily attendance
  • Monthly Attendance: Reach a minimum monthly attendance
  • Average Monthly Attendance: Reach and maintain an average monthly attendance

All of these can also be further customized in terms of time limits and whatnot. More objectives will be added as the ideas appear/suggestions are received!

So for 0.4, you’ll be able to play through the game with a basic contract and goal in mind. Achieving that contract means a winner is you!

Of course, there’s still many more systems to come. Last for 0.4 will be overhauling how the decorations are placed, to keep in line with the slow way of doing things. Trees will be given the option to be bought either as a sapling, growing over time, or as a full grown tree, which costs a lot more but is already done. You’ll also have more control over the placement, being able to put them exactly where you want them to be, and the little landscaper will go in and plant them for real. (until that time, they’ll be stakes placed on the ground!).

This should also make you more carefully think about removing a specific tree. Perhaps adding an option for moving a tree to a separate area instead of simply removing it could be worth investigating (later, of course!).

Stay tuned for more updates!