Dev Update #22: More Flat Shading

Dev Update #22: More Flat Shading

Hello folks!

Integration of the new terrain is almost done. All that’s left is the decoration system, which is getting an overhaul, and the water, which is also getting an overhaul.

I’ve also took another step at more flat shading by separating the two triangles from the quad! Now we won’t have a terrain of quads that look flat at points, and then oddly shaded in others.

So I give you a test course, that also showcases the new possibilities of the new terrain:


The mound surrounded by bunker is the hole. The mound can be nicely sculpted with the vertex tools, making it as flat or as smooth as the player wishes. Below you can see the wireframe:


8 directions, righteous! Now the terrain shaping tools are even more useful, specially the vertex tool. Gonna have some fun adding water to this and seeing how it turns out!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update and new demo!


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