Alpha 0.42!

Alpha 0.42!

Hello folks!

Thanks to some very quick feedback, I’ve done some fixes to alpha 0.4, bringing it to 0.42!

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Added a hashing effect to the planning tiles so you can better distinguish between them
  • Increased movement speed for AI characters
  • Reduced time for placing tiles/decoration
  • Balanced the scale randomizer of the decoration tiles
  • Improved the presentation of text in the UI, much more legible now!
  • Fixed issue with the ball being always visible even behind objects and stuff
  • Fixed not being able to place decoration pieces on planning tiles
  • Made some menus close when opening other menus, to reduce clutter on the screen

So quite a nifty list!

Still, there’s some issues with the AI simply stopping the play of golf. It could be that they accidentally fell through somewhere. In that case, simply restart the game and it should fix it. Since it’s a more difficult issue, I’ll need to take a closer look at how to work around it.

That’s all for now, folks!


Boss Golf Alpha updated to 0.4!

Boss Golf Alpha updated to 0.4!

Hello folks!

It took a little longer than I expected, but the closed alpha for Boss Golf has been updated to 0.4!


Some of the changes included in this update:

  • Tile and decoration execution moved to the landscaper
  • Resort’s opening and closing time now matter
  • Bulldozer only affects planned zones (can’t remove decoration pieces yet)
  • Money and transaction recording system implemented
  • Spaced out the loading of the scene and added a loading screen
  • Decoration system reworked to allow for more freedom of placement
  • Order system revamped to work with decorations and tiles

Because of the array of changes in this version, your 0.3 save change won’t be compatible with this new release. It would take me a lot of precious time to create a save converter at this moment.

The changes in decoration are quite massive, though. The previous system will still be used for the scenario editor, where you just really wanna sketch out the level for your scenario. But this new one gives you a lot more control over placement, so that you can really customize things to your liking. If you have any request for tools or feedback, feel free to comment on our reddit or our discord!

So that’s it for 0.4. It drastically changed the flow of gameplay, slowing things down quite a bit, and implemented a host of systems that I’ll take full advantage of in development.

For 0.5, I’m going to focus on the AI again, giving them proper ways of evaluating/thinking a hole, more behaviors, more character generation, and a couple more things I wanna keep under wraps for now! Timing for 0.5 is early March.


Assuming Control of Decorations

Assuming Control of Decorations

Hello folks!

Today’s update is one of the last big ones for 0.4! And it’s about Decorations in Boss Golf!

As you remember form the beginning of this update cycle, I mentioned how I wanted to take a turn to slow things down in the game. As part of that, I created a new system for placing the tiles, whereas the little landscaping guy would go and place the tiles after you finished setting up and approving your order. (If you need a refresh, you can read about it here!

Of course, this wasn’t going to be limited just to the tiles! Same will apply to buildings, facilities and, of course, decorations! In 0.3, you are able to place trees like you would any tile. Continue clicking and more trees will appear, and their position is randomized. You could also drag over a large area and place a bazillion trees at once.

This capability will be maintained in the scenario editor, where you will want broader strokes when building a scenario.

For the regular game, though, slowing things down is necessary. As such, I’ve altered the decoration system to bring you more freedom of placement, and work it into the current landscaping system.

For most decoration pieces, you the manager will place down the markers for where you want that decoration to be. Then the little landscaper that could will come and plop them down for you! As below:


So now you can place your decoration anywhere. Well, mostly. But feedback can always change one’s mind! But this will give you enough flexibility to really beautify your course. And you’ll be able to see your course grow over time and whatnot. Later on also planning on adding the possibility of moving a piece of decoration you placed, so that you don’t need to pay the extreme fees for new trees and whatnot. Saving is caring!

Together with this, I revamped the order system to make it more modular, so that I can more easily expand to accommodate different types of orders and whatnot, and revamped the decoration system to also make it more modular, with an eye for modding potential in the future.

All in all, a solid update. Now I need to readjust the save files to take into account the new changes, and 0.4 should be delivered to you guys soon!

(And if you haven’t signed up for the closed alpha, do so here! You kind folks who support the game at this stage will have some goodies and bonuses for believing in Boss Golf!)

That’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned for 0.4!

Contracts and Objectives!

Contracts and Objectives!

Hello folks!

Today’s update on Boss Golf is again on the financial side of things: Contracts and Objectives!


Contracts are something that will be featured heavily in Boss Golf’s campaign mode. Every golf resort you get the chance to manage will come with an accompanying  contract, which sets out the duration of the term, the salary your character will receive for his job, and the Objectives by which your management performance will be measured.

In the campaign mode you will have the chance to manage multiple resorts at the same time, flying between them for the occasional changes and tweaks and important events. Keeping an eye on the contract will let you know how close you are to fulfilling the expectations of the board, in order to guarantee a renewal or an extension, continued business. As the owner of the wanna-be premier golf resort tycoon company, you’re only as good as your customer base is!

In the scenario mode, as well as for the demo of the game, your contract will become the single list of objectives to fulfill in order to achieve a victory. Think of it as a bite-sized version of the campaign mode, for when you just want to manage a single resort up to stardom, or try different ways of achieving the same objectives.

The current implementation features a struct that makes up your Contract, attached to the resort you are currently managed, and a class for Objectives, which is inherited and connected via an interface. This allows me to design a great number of objectives that can be attached to any contract, and make them as custom as I want them to be, and as easy to implement. When using the scenario editor, you’ll be able to choose the contract objectives you want, as well as tweak the parameters to what you think would be interesting values.

The current list of objectives contains:

  • Monthly Revenue: Reach and maintain a minimum monthly revenue
  • Yearly Revenue: Reach and maintain a minimum yearly revenue
  • Membership: Reach a minimum number of members for the resort
  • Daily Attendance: Reach a minimum daily attendance
  • Average Daily Attendance: Reach and maintain an average daily attendance
  • Monthly Attendance: Reach a minimum monthly attendance
  • Average Monthly Attendance: Reach and maintain an average monthly attendance

All of these can also be further customized in terms of time limits and whatnot. More objectives will be added as the ideas appear/suggestions are received!

So for 0.4, you’ll be able to play through the game with a basic contract and goal in mind. Achieving that contract means a winner is you!

Of course, there’s still many more systems to come. Last for 0.4 will be overhauling how the decorations are placed, to keep in line with the slow way of doing things. Trees will be given the option to be bought either as a sapling, growing over time, or as a full grown tree, which costs a lot more but is already done. You’ll also have more control over the placement, being able to put them exactly where you want them to be, and the little landscaper will go in and plant them for real. (until that time, they’ll be stakes placed on the ground!).

This should also make you more carefully think about removing a specific tree. Perhaps adding an option for moving a tree to a separate area instead of simply removing it could be worth investigating (later, of course!).

Stay tuned for more updates!