Interface Update for Terrain Demo

Interface Update for Terrain Demo

Hello folks!

So I’ve figured out how to improve the interface for the new terrain controllers for Boss Golf, and I added a button to display a grid overlay on top of the terrain, so that you can better gauge how it all looks!

Mainly, the painting tool now has an overlay on the terrain letting you know the area that will be affected. You can see it in action in the gifs below:




And the new grid overlay, which makes understanding the terrain slopes even easier:


That’s it for today’s mini-update! There’s a holiday coming up this week, which I plan to take advantage of to further the development of the AI in the game. Still hopeful to have little AI golfers walking around the course and playing a nice game of golf!

Oh yeah, and as always, you can find the updated demo Here!


Dev Update #28: Hole Tracking is In!

Dev Update #28: Hole Tracking is In!

Hello folks!

Another task done! Now you can actually track the hole you are currently playing, and get a proper message when you finish it! Hurray!

See below:


Physics is still a bit funky, as I expected the ball to roll a bit more on the stroke that put me on the green. I’ll really need to take a harder look at the physics system later. At least for now, the ball behaves as expected in most cases.

But yes, it’s in. Of course, all of this is prototypey and bound to change as development goes along, but the base systems are solid and all it should need is polish later on. Another task down, only a couple to go for the week!

Stay tuned for more!