Striking is integrated!

Striking is integrated!

Hello folks!

I’ve finished the reintegration of the new striking physics back into the game! Now you are again able to build up your hole and play it to your hearts desire.




Next up is changing the physical attributes of the ball depending on the surface it is rolling on, and adding the rotational forces back in from the curve maker. This weekend I will update the alpha build to contain the shooting mechanics back.

Then it’s back to AI!

Oh and later on I’ll elaborate on the plan for the alpha, and a bit more on the scope of the game.

Stay tuned!

Dev Update #26: Clubs, Clubs, Clubs!

Dev Update #26: Clubs, Clubs, Clubs!

Hello folks!

I have finished prototyping the shooting mechanism, complete with shot visualization and all kinds of different clubs you can use, from your trusty driver all the way to a lob wedge!

The shooting is being done using Unity’s physics system. It also takes the real loft values of each club and takes them into account when calculation the maximum shot distance (or expected) and the potential trajectory of the ball. You can see the differences below!

First off, a shot with a 2 Iron:


You can clearly see how low this shot is, and it allows you to drive the ball quite a distance down the fairway.

Next is a 9 iron:


This club will drive your ball further in the air, which will lead to reduced distances but the bounce can surely help you hit your spot more accurately. Next is the lob wedge:


This club goes really high up in the air, useful for traversing certain obstacles or getting that much needed lob. Accordingly, it is only able to send the ball down a very short distance.

So there you have it! On track for tomorrow’s demo featuring the shooting in your holes. The physics are still a bit wonky and the ball tends to roll much more than I’d like. But hey, it’s working!

Stay tuned for more!