Boss Golf Alpha updated to 0.4!

Boss Golf Alpha updated to 0.4!

Hello folks!

It took a little longer than I expected, but the closed alpha for Boss Golf has been updated to 0.4!


Some of the changes included in this update:

  • Tile and decoration execution moved to the landscaper
  • Resort’s opening and closing time now matter
  • Bulldozer only affects planned zones (can’t remove decoration pieces yet)
  • Money and transaction recording system implemented
  • Spaced out the loading of the scene and added a loading screen
  • Decoration system reworked to allow for more freedom of placement
  • Order system revamped to work with decorations and tiles

Because of the array of changes in this version, your 0.3 save change won’t be compatible with this new release. It would take me a lot of precious time to create a save converter at this moment.

The changes in decoration are quite massive, though. The previous system will still be used for the scenario editor, where you just really wanna sketch out the level for your scenario. But this new one gives you a lot more control over placement, so that you can really customize things to your liking. If you have any request for tools or feedback, feel free to comment on our reddit or our discord!

So that’s it for 0.4. It drastically changed the flow of gameplay, slowing things down quite a bit, and implemented a host of systems that I’ll take full advantage of in development.

For 0.5, I’m going to focus on the AI again, giving them proper ways of evaluating/thinking a hole, more behaviors, more character generation, and a couple more things I wanna keep under wraps for now! Timing for 0.5 is early March.


Dev Update #39: Golfer is in the house!

Dev Update #39: Golfer is in the house!

Hello folks!

Today’s update is about making the course less lonely!


I’ve added a prototype character to start implementing character controls and AI.

This will affect the shooting in the following way:

-You will decide the shot as you do now, from where the ball currently is and the desired destination.

-Unlike before, now your shot won’t be done instantly: the player character will first have to move to position, and then swing the club as per your “instruction”.

-Once the ball comes to a stop, you’ll be able to decide the shot again, while your character makes his way to the ball. Then once he reaches it, if you’ve decided the shot, he will strike it; if not, he’ll wait for you to do so.

This indirect manipulation of the shots will be vital in implementing the AI. In fact, with your player character, you’ll also be able to let the AI control him if you’d like, so that he can play some rounds of golf and improve while you’re busy off making a new hole. The AI will make use of the systems I’m implementing to create the shots and try to get a good score.

I’ll also test out an attribute system so that your shots have a bit of imperfection based on your character’s strengths and weaknesses. This will refine the golf gameplay further, increasing the challenge and the planning.

You can see a mock up of how the golf gameplay will play out here:


That’s all for today folks!

(Bonus points if you can guess the golfer I’ve based the character on!)

Linux Demo Added!

Linux Demo Added!

Hello folks!

I’m happy to announce that the Boss Golf demo is now also available for Linux!

There’s version for both x86 and x86_64.

Download information, as always, available on our Demo page.

Any issues you find, don’t be afraid to contact us either using the contact form, or by visiting our subreddit.

Now, back to work!

Dev Update #33: Shooting Improvements

Dev Update #33: Shooting Improvements

Heyo folks!

I’ve tweaked the rolling resistance settings, and fixed the settings for bouncing. Now the ball will bounce a lot less on sand, but more on harder surfaces. So now Boss Golf has better golf playing gameplay, woohoo!

I’ve also gone ahead and improved the display of the shot, added a faux-shadow to it so you can have better sense of depth regarding where your shot is supposed to hit!


Also made sure to make the lines render above everything else, so you can always know how your shot will handle.

As you can see, I also removed the circle that was at the end area. This will be readded later when golfer attributes are in, so that you’ll have a rough idea of where you want your shot to be, and the circle will describe the potential landing areas based on your attributes.

However, I still fail at playing golf:


I did have tremendous fun just playing around while tweaking the shots and stuff. This is a good sign I hope!

OH! And found a but with the putting system, where it pushes the ball way too hard for its own good, ending up with some hilarious consequences.

That’s all for today folks!

Dev Update #28: Hole Tracking is In!

Dev Update #28: Hole Tracking is In!

Hello folks!

Another task done! Now you can actually track the hole you are currently playing, and get a proper message when you finish it! Hurray!

See below:


Physics is still a bit funky, as I expected the ball to roll a bit more on the stroke that put me on the green. I’ll really need to take a harder look at the physics system later. At least for now, the ball behaves as expected in most cases.

But yes, it’s in. Of course, all of this is prototypey and bound to change as development goes along, but the base systems are solid and all it should need is polish later on. Another task down, only a couple to go for the week!

Stay tuned for more!

Dev Update #27: Improved Physics and Collision!

Dev Update #27: Improved Physics and Collision!

Hello folks!

As part of this weekend’s plan, I’ve added a feature that will allow the ball to react differently depending on the surface it is on. For example:

-If the ball lands on the bunker, it’ll come to a sudden stop

-If the ball lands on the fairway, depending on the angle it may roll further

-If the ball lands on grass/rough, it’ll stop quicker than on the fairway

You can see the results of that in my playthrough of a demo hole:


The first shot with the driver rolls decently on the fairway; my second shot stops very quickly on the bunker. (I didn’t need to use a sand wedge this time around, but that’s coming!)

I also tweaked the physics settings to take into account the reduced scale of the game. As a result, the ball has a longer/nicer flight time and reacts more like it should.

That’s it for today! As a bonus, here’s how I created this hole:


And an overview of how it turned out: