Plan of the Week: More Golf Gameplay and Integration

Plan of the Week: More Golf Gameplay and Integration

Hey folks!

In order to keep things better updated and to make it easier for me to track the work to be done for the week, I’m start a new “Plan” category where I will outline the tasks I have set out for the week.

This will give you a better idea of what’s coming and how I pretend to tackle it!

So for this weeks, these are the tasks I have at hand:

  • PuttingExtend the golf gameplay to include putting the ball into the hole at the end. Includes adding a hole and flag mesh so you know what to aim at.
  • Hole Tracking: Add a feature for keeping track of your strokes as your progress down the hole, with an info panel so you know what’s going on, and a proper end state for when you sink it.
  • Water System Rebuild: Redo the water system so that it “flows” from the water placed by the player, allowing it to “leak” into neighbouring lower tiles, making it more dynamic and nicer to look at.
  • Independent Vertices: Add a feature to the terrain system that will also allow you to raise/lower tiles independently of the neighbours, dividing it from nearby vertices, so that you can create nicer links and other formations.

Those are the main 4 things I have on my plate for the week. Next demo should be much more polished than the current.

As always, welcome all your feedback!