Update 0.64 for closed alpha is out!

Update 0.64 for closed alpha is out!

Hello folks!

After a long wait, update 0.64 is out for Boss Golf!

For this update, you now have some brand new tools for making water in your golf resort!


In the water panel, you are able to either add bodies of water, or rivers. (Waterfalls will come later).

Bodies of Water

This is just a fancy way of saying lakes, ponds, whathave you. Simply dig up an area with the height tools, select the water tool, and then click on any point you wish to create your pond. It will automatically detect the area to be filled, and preview what the pond will look like.

After it’s done, you can adjust the height to suit what you need, or just straight up delete it!


Rivers work similar to the path tool. You simply click and drag, and a river will be created. Currently, you are also able to choose the width of the stream you are making!

To delete it, simply select the bulldozer, and erase the river whole.

As this water tool is still a work in progress, the AI isn’t reacting perfectly to it yet. It’ll try to walk over it, and may get stuck if the trench is too deep. You can always use the pick up tool to grab a problematic AI, and move them out of the way. For 0.65, AI will receive a nice overhaul to make ti more reactive!

Some other minor fixes included in this build:

  • AI now limited to 8 strokes in a hole. If it goes over it, it’ll move on to the next thing.
  • Removed the Edit hole button from the hole panel
  • Balls falling into water will be treated as out of bounds; stroke penalty and placed at the appropriate location

That’s it for now, folks!

As mentioned, 0.65 will be about AI and improving their systems. Afterwards, it’ll be 0.7 with the tools for creating new buildings for the resort! So stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to wishlist Boss Golf!

Dev Update #31: We have dynamic(ish) water!

Dev Update #31: We have dynamic(ish) water!

Hello folks!

This weekend things have been slower than I’d have wanted, partially due to the typhoon, partially due to spending the afternoon making pizzas, partially due to other life things that happen!

Still, progress was done. I was able to prototype the dynamic water system, allowing water to “flow” to nearby tiles if they are below the waterline. You can see it in action below:


It still has a couple of bugs, namely with the water sometimes not disappearing if you move the tile back up above the water line or cut its connection to the water source.

I’ll also need to figure out a way to let the user know where exactly the water source is, so he can quickly remove all the water by simply erasing it. Maybe some particle effects that look like bubbles would do the trick. I’ll test that next week.

For now, it is playable enough for the demo, so I’ll leave it in. Last thing to knock off, tomorrow morning (since it’s a holiday, yay!) will be the putting mechanic. Now that we actually have a hole object, it’ll be a matter of adding a new club option and checking when the ball collides with the hole. Should be simple enough!

That’s it for now. Apologies for the delay, but sometimes life happens.

Stay tuned for the new demo!