Dev Update #35: Customizable UI!

Dev Update #35: Customizable UI!

Hello folks!

With the new UI overhaul, many things were moved to floating menus. So today’s update is about the system that allows you to move certain UI panels around in order to customize them!

You can see it in action below:


Simply click and drag on the UI element you wish, and it will lock into the new place. I’ll also make it so your settings are saved every time you play.

I’ve also gone ahead and fixed a bug where the water tile would disappear if you added a water tile > put a tree decoration on top -> placed a water tile again. Now it works as expected.

Next, I’m working on the new Shot menu. It’ll give you better options when making your shot, as well as allow you to add some spin to it too. There’ll still be the current separation between shot styles (Drive, Approach, Putt, Chip etc), but you’ll be able to set the rotation manually to alter the trajectory. Not sure yet how I’ll add it to the shot visualization (the line that shows you the trajectory of the ball), but I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Shots will also have a section explaining more or less the usage of each shot, and a distance counter to better let you know how far you are shooting.

That’s it for today folks!


Dev Update #1: Start State

Dev Update #1: Start State

So, to give you a basic rundown of where we are:

-The “resort” generation system works. It places the tiles on the grid according to rules, can also save/load to a text file for safekeeping.

-Just updated the base shot generation for the courses: You start making a course by placing the Tee tile, and then the Hole tile. The game will use a couple of algorithms to generate the basic shots necessary for finishing the course, taking into account the available tiles. This will work as the guideline for the hole, letting you know the par, the distance. Golfers will be able to take their own decisions.

-Currently, you can play around with landscaping and creating golf course. Just switched to a new system using separate objects for each stroke on a course, for future-proofing. Works fine for now, needs tweaks.

-Finished updating to DoozyUI; It really removes a lot of the boring work of creating UI, very good stuff.

This is what the prototype currently looks like:


On the image we can see a basic Par 4 hole. Currently the base shot generator isn’t caring about trees or other obstacles. Changing that just after this post. I am using a simple A* algorithm to find candidate tiles for the strokes, works like a charm and very fast.

That’s all for now!