A Loading Screen!

A Loading Screen!

Hello folks!

Today’s update is about quality of life in Boss Golf!

One of the feedback we’ve received constantly regards the launching of the game. Since it goes pretty much from a black/white screen straight into the game, and the loading/processing of the terrain can take a while, some testers thought that the game had crashed upon loading. Which isn’t a very good impression!

To fix that, I’ve spread out the loading/generation of the terrain over more frames, which reduces the processing time by a bit and actually makes the whole thing responsive. And tucked it all away behind a nice loading screen, reminiscing of the Sim games of yore!


I’ve also decoupled the processing from the start method and put it in a proper component to manage the game state. This way, the resort can be reused whenever possible to illustrate other resorts you may visit/manage at the same time. Gives me more control over when things are supposed to load too!

Of course, no implementation is ever perfect! While implementing the new loading, I ended up forgetting a couple of functions that led to this very interesting albeit unpractical golf resort!


Walls, walls everywhere!

Though I’m certain a certain tycoon would be quite fond of this…

But that’s it for today!

Tomorrow I can finish off the contract/goal system, hopefully, then add in the new placement system for decoration, giving you more control over where you will put your trees. A couple of small tweaks here and there, and Alpha 0.4 will be ready to go!

Stay tuned for more news!