Dev Update #27: Improved Physics and Collision!

Dev Update #27: Improved Physics and Collision!

Hello folks!

As part of this weekend’s plan, I’ve added a feature that will allow the ball to react differently depending on the surface it is on. For example:

-If the ball lands on the bunker, it’ll come to a sudden stop

-If the ball lands on the fairway, depending on the angle it may roll further

-If the ball lands on grass/rough, it’ll stop quicker than on the fairway

You can see the results of that in my playthrough of a demo hole:


The first shot with the driver rolls decently on the fairway; my second shot stops very quickly on the bunker. (I didn’t need to use a sand wedge this time around, but that’s coming!)

I also tweaked the physics settings to take into account the reduced scale of the game. As a result, the ball has a longer/nicer flight time and reacts more like it should.

That’s it for today! As a bonus, here’s how I created this hole:


And an overview of how it turned out: