Terrain Demo is Online!

Terrain Demo is Online!

Hello folks!

I’ve just about finished connecting the new terrain system with the UI. There are some nags here and there, as is expected, and the interface for the vertex editing doesn’t work perfectly, but it’s all operational.

For this demo, however, I’ve removed the golf playing feature as it is due for a revamp in order to accommodate the AI system. As a result of that, I’ve also left the previous demo online in case you wanna try that part of Boss Golf.

And you’ll find that your play area has been largely expanded from before. And you’ll notice you won’t be able to build everywhere: that’s part of the course being only allowed certain parcels of land when you start out, with more being unlocked as you buy them and whatnot. The new chunking system will allow for that to be done pretty straightforwardly.

Without further ado, you can download the latest version HERE!

And here’s some things I cooked up with it:




That’s it for today, folks!

Will continue working smoothing out the implementation (and damning Unity for not supporting gizmos in runtime! (probably with good reason)), tweaking the shooting mechanism, and getting the AI in there!


Demo has been updated!

Demo has been updated!

Hello folks!

As detailed in the previous Quickie, I’ve updated the Boss Golf demo to bring it to  version 0.04 of the Terrain and Drive demo!

As below you can download it Here!

The focus of this demo was on quality of life improvements and bug fixing. The ball deceleration/bouncing now works as expected, trails and shadows were improved, and I added some particles to make the game feel more polished! This is what happens when you drive:


And this is an awesome chip shot I performed, got painstakingly close to the hole too!


And even some water particles! (Only on the water you’ve placed, though! The system needs to be reworked a bit to sync with the water outside the build area)

Water Hazard

So there you go! Gameplay is getting nicer and nicer. One of these days I wanna sit down and make a video showing how to build a nice hole. And do it Bob Ross style, with trees and hills and rivers! So there’s something to look forward to!

Next week will be focused on more polishing and weeding out some bugs, as well as improving the UI. Perhaps I’ll even add paths and bridges! We’ll see!

For now, enjoy the demo! Don’t forget to drop by our subreddit to give us your feedback, and don’t forget to like our Facebook page!

Have a nice weekend!

Quirk #4: Scale matters.

Quirk #4: Scale matters.

Hey folks!

If you’ve played the latest demo, you may have found that the ball moves quite unrealistically; that is, it’ll suddenly move a lot further after bouncing than it should, and something must surely be wrong!

Well, you are right!

When it comes to Unity, it has a standard definition of 1 grid unit = 1 meter. Which is great. However, for the sake of optimization (or prototyping), currently Boss Golf works with 1 grid unit = around 25 meters in real life (that is the approximate size of each tile!). So Unity’s physics systems won’t really like that so much, as it isn’t made with different scales in mind.

Therefore, at some point, it may be likely I’ll have to roll out my own physics implementation, that makes sense with the gameplay; or re-scale everything to match Unity’s 1 unit = 1 meter scale, which I really don’t want to do because the current terrain system works extremely well.

For now, however, I have tweaked the physics settings, plus the drag on the ball/terrain, and added a small tweak to dampen the angular velocity further, ensuring that the ball comes to a stop.

This little tweak will be used later to react to different kinds of terrain too, so it’s a two-for-one kind of deal.

I’ve updated the current demo with the new changes, and you can find it, and download information, HERE!

That’s all for today’s quirk! Have fun!

Build and Drive Demo Available!

Build and Drive Demo Available!

Hello folks!

It’s that time of the.. week? again where a new gameplay demo is available for Boss Golf!

This time, you’ll be able to not only build your holes, but also play them. Sort of.

Included in this demo is the basic gameplay for golf. You’ll be able to select between Build and Play modes, allowing you to modify the course and play the hole of your choice.

Controls remain the same, with left click selecting things, right click cancelling things, panning with WASD, rotating the camera with middle mouse button etc.

To play your hole, enter play mode, click on the hole you’d like to play, and press Play! This will open the action menu, and you can choose to Shoot or to Retire from that hole. Pressing Shoot will take you to the club selection menu, so that you can experiment with whatever you’d like, as shown below:


A hole is “completed” when you reach the hole tile at a decent speed. Putting mechanics aren’t in yet. If you want to cancel a hole, simply right click until you get to the Shoot/Retire menu, and select Retire. Alternatively, clicking Build will also work!

That’s it for instructions! You can download the new demo here!

As always, there will be bugs and issues. Anything weird you find, please don’t hesitate to contact me! A comment here, or on our facebook page, will be great!