This page will keep information about the current demo version of the game, as well as the controls for it. It will be updated after each major demo release.

Boss Golf is currently at terrain demo 0.7.

In this demo, you’ll be able to edit the terrain and build up your coursey. For this version, the golf-playing gameplay has been removed as it needs an overhaul to better fit in with the AI.

(Some of the controls may act funny: please let us know!)

Download links:

Win: download

Mac: download


-Left mouse to execute action/click on things
-Right mouse to cancel actions and menus
-Mouse wheel to zoom (also Q and E)
-Press mouse wheel and drag to rotate the camera
-WASD/Directional keys for panning the camera

The previous version, that allows you to experience the golf gameplay as well, can be found below:

Win: Download

Mac: Download

Linux: X86     X86_64

To play your hole, simply click on the tee or the hole, and press the play button on the menu that will pop up. (You may need to zoom out to see the menu!)