Golf Club Selection

Golf Club Selection

Hello folks!

I’ve finished implementing the new golf club selection panel for Boss Golf!

Take a gander!


The selection of clubs is based on the golf clubs in the golfer’s bag. As it is now, you’ll start off with a wood driver, irons 2 through 9, a pitching wedge, a lobbing wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. Later on you’ll be able to select your own clubs and whatnot. I’ve removed the curving feature for now, as it wasn’t adding much to the game. But it will be brought back later on.

I’ve also added another panel for keeping track of your progress along the current hole you’re playing, telling you the remaining distance, what the par is, how many strokes you took so far etc.

All that’s left before 0.5 is adding the better idling behavior for the AI, and fixing up a couple of issues that were brought up by our testers, so that 0.5 will be a nice overall improvement. Should be released this Sunday (March 11th).

That’s all for now, folks!

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