Good Path – Bad Path: Alpha 0.43

Good Path – Bad Path: Alpha 0.43

Hello folks!

Time for another quick hotfix for Boss Golf!

This one declutters a couple of things and improves others. Fixes include:

  • AI movement path display is off by default. To see where the AI wants to go, click on it! For 0.5, you’ll have a little display panel showing what the AI is trying to do, where it is trying to go, what it is currently thinking…
  • Disabled Water as an obstacle for the pathfinding of the landscaper. Now he’s allowed to walk on water.
  • Improved resolution of the text.
  • Added a safeguard in case the AI falls through the floor. Not 100% yet, as that will require proper implementation of a dynamic convex collider generation, which will take some time to implement

For an illustration, here’s what used to happen when the AI tried to plant grass over the water:


It actually tried to create a path through 90 different tiles in order to get to the goal. Now with the water avoidance turned off:


Much better! Later on I’ll add a little boat effect for when the landscaper dude goes into the water. A bit of a playful kind of thing!

That’s all for now. This should hopefully be the last little hotfix for 0.4, and now I can focus on doing 0.5 stuff! Stay tuned for some cool new features!


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