Saving and Loading

Saving and Loading

Hello folks!

I’ve finalized the basic saving and loading functions for the golf course. Now you’ll be able to resume building your course at the point where you stopped!

Saving and Loading now applies to:

  • Resort Information
  • Tile Types
  • Terrain Height
  • Holes
  • Decorations (and their positions)

And I’ve made sure to add some form of version control to the save files, so that I can eventually build a converter for obsolete save formats if necessary.

To make this implementation easier to manage and control, I’m using Easy Save, a really great asset for Unity to help with, well, managing and controlling your saving of scenes, prefabs, objects and whatnot. It handles most of the workload of having to write/manage your own reading/writing methods, and even allows you to create custom types. Which is what I’ve used, created custom data structure types for the scripts in Boss Golf.

In other news, I’ve also begun placing my tasks on a Trello, so that I have a better location for managing them, and can also give you guys more visibility on the work to be done. If you’d like to check it out, you can do so here!

That’s all for now, folks! 0.3 is inches away as I iron out some last minute issues with the AI. Stay tuned!

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