Dev Update #30: Independent Tiles!

Dev Update #30: Independent Tiles!

Heyo folks!

Another task bites the dust! This time, it’s the possibility of raising/lowering a tile independent of neighbours!

This will allow you to create some nice breaks in the terrain! You can see the functionality below:


As you may notice, you can also move vertices independently after raising a terrain tile. However, they will snap back to normal if they come in contact with another vertex. So as it stands, you need to work the terrain a bit if you want to move things around in a cool manner.

But I thought of a new solution for the vertex height. Instead of using by point, which is kind of hard to know which face you’re actually mostly touching, I could do it by face corner so that I could implement a “independent” lifting based on it, so you wouldn’t need to move the entire face first before getting the freedom to move the vertex. It’ll depend on people’s feedback, as usual!

So there you go! Now only the water system and the putting to go for this week’s tasks!

See you guys tomorrow!

Dev Update #29: Flag in the Hole!

Dev Update #29: Flag in the Hole!

Hello folks!

Today’s update is a quick one due to lack of time to work on the game, but it is a pretty good one!

I’ve implemented the hole mesh into the hole tile! Hurray! It also has a flag in it! Hurray x2! It also moves with the hole! Hurray x3!

You can see me creating a new hole and manipulating it below: (4)

With this, you’ll be able to actually finish a hole by attempting to sink your putt. I’ll try and add collision to the flag mesh as well, allowing you to attempt to hit it.

Now, in the future I’ll also add the possibility to move the hole inside the green, so that you’ll be able to customize it further. Having it as a separate object will also improve accuracy of some measurements used in the game.

This system works better for attaching things to the tile than the ones I currently use for the trees and other decorations. So eventually I’ll migrate them to this one as well, and use it for anything else that is added to tiles. Accuracy++!

That’s it for today’s mini update! Stay tuned for more!

Dev Update #28: Hole Tracking is In!

Dev Update #28: Hole Tracking is In!

Hello folks!

Another task done! Now you can actually track the hole you are currently playing, and get a proper message when you finish it! Hurray!

See below:


Physics is still a bit funky, as I expected the ball to roll a bit more on the stroke that put me on the green. I’ll really need to take a harder look at the physics system later. At least for now, the ball behaves as expected in most cases.

But yes, it’s in. Of course, all of this is prototypey and bound to change as development goes along, but the base systems are solid and all it should need is polish later on. Another task down, only a couple to go for the week!

Stay tuned for more!

Dev Update #27: Improved Physics and Collision!

Dev Update #27: Improved Physics and Collision!

Hello folks!

As part of this weekend’s plan, I’ve added a feature that will allow the ball to react differently depending on the surface it is on. For example:

-If the ball lands on the bunker, it’ll come to a sudden stop

-If the ball lands on the fairway, depending on the angle it may roll further

-If the ball lands on grass/rough, it’ll stop quicker than on the fairway

You can see the results of that in my playthrough of a demo hole:


The first shot with the driver rolls decently on the fairway; my second shot stops very quickly on the bunker. (I didn’t need to use a sand wedge this time around, but that’s coming!)

I also tweaked the physics settings to take into account the reduced scale of the game. As a result, the ball has a longer/nicer flight time and reacts more like it should.

That’s it for today! As a bonus, here’s how I created this hole:


And an overview of how it turned out:


Boss Golf SubReddit!

Boss Golf SubReddit!

Hello folks!

To make it easier to create discussions about the game, as well as share things with the overall public, I went ahead and created a subreddit for the game. I’ll keep it updated as much as I can, together with this website and our Facebook page!

(This devblog is still the number one spot for your Boss Golf info!)

Anywho, you can find it here!

Hope to see you guys there!


Plan of the Week: More Golf Gameplay and Integration

Plan of the Week: More Golf Gameplay and Integration

Hey folks!

In order to keep things better updated and to make it easier for me to track the work to be done for the week, I’m start a new “Plan” category where I will outline the tasks I have set out for the week.

This will give you a better idea of what’s coming and how I pretend to tackle it!

So for this weeks, these are the tasks I have at hand:

  • PuttingExtend the golf gameplay to include putting the ball into the hole at the end. Includes adding a hole and flag mesh so you know what to aim at.
  • Hole Tracking: Add a feature for keeping track of your strokes as your progress down the hole, with an info panel so you know what’s going on, and a proper end state for when you sink it.
  • Water System Rebuild: Redo the water system so that it “flows” from the water placed by the player, allowing it to “leak” into neighbouring lower tiles, making it more dynamic and nicer to look at.
  • Independent Vertices: Add a feature to the terrain system that will also allow you to raise/lower tiles independently of the neighbours, dividing it from nearby vertices, so that you can create nicer links and other formations.

Those are the main 4 things I have on my plate for the week. Next demo should be much more polished than the current.

As always, welcome all your feedback!