Dev Update #33: Shooting Improvements

Dev Update #33: Shooting Improvements

Heyo folks!

I’ve tweaked the rolling resistance settings, and fixed the settings for bouncing. Now the ball will bounce a lot less on sand, but more on harder surfaces. So now Boss Golf has better golf playing gameplay, woohoo!

I’ve also gone ahead and improved the display of the shot, added a faux-shadow to it so you can have better sense of depth regarding where your shot is supposed to hit!


Also made sure to make the lines render above everything else, so you can always know how your shot will handle.

As you can see, I also removed the circle that was at the end area. This will be readded later when golfer attributes are in, so that you’ll have a rough idea of where you want your shot to be, and the circle will describe the potential landing areas based on your attributes.

However, I still fail at playing golf:


I did have tremendous fun just playing around while tweaking the shots and stuff. This is a good sign I hope!

OH! And found a but with the putting system, where it pushes the ball way too hard for its own good, ending up with some hilarious consequences.

That’s all for today folks!

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