Dev Update #30: Independent Tiles!

Dev Update #30: Independent Tiles!

Heyo folks!

Another task bites the dust! This time, it’s the possibility of raising/lowering a tile independent of neighbours!

This will allow you to create some nice breaks in the terrain! You can see the functionality below:


As you may notice, you can also move vertices independently after raising a terrain tile. However, they will snap back to normal if they come in contact with another vertex. So as it stands, you need to work the terrain a bit if you want to move things around in a cool manner.

But I thought of a new solution for the vertex height. Instead of using by point, which is kind of hard to know which face you’re actually mostly touching, I could do it by face corner so that I could implement a “independent” lifting based on it, so you wouldn’t need to move the entire face first before getting the freedom to move the vertex. It’ll depend on people’s feedback, as usual!

So there you go! Now only the water system and the putting to go for this week’s tasks!

See you guys tomorrow!

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