Dev Update #29: Flag in the Hole!

Dev Update #29: Flag in the Hole!

Hello folks!

Today’s update is a quick one due to lack of time to work on the game, but it is a pretty good one!

I’ve implemented the hole mesh into the hole tile! Hurray! It also has a flag in it! Hurray x2! It also moves with the hole! Hurray x3!

You can see me creating a new hole and manipulating it below: (4)

With this, you’ll be able to actually finish a hole by attempting to sink your putt. I’ll try and add collision to the flag mesh as well, allowing you to attempt to hit it.

Now, in the future I’ll also add the possibility to move the hole inside the green, so that you’ll be able to customize it further. Having it as a separate object will also improve accuracy of some measurements used in the game.

This system works better for attaching things to the tile than the ones I currently use for the trees and other decorations. So eventually I’ll migrate them to this one as well, and use it for anything else that is added to tiles. Accuracy++!

That’s it for today’s mini update! Stay tuned for more!

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