Build and Drive Demo Available!

Build and Drive Demo Available!

Hello folks!

It’s that time of the.. week? again where a new gameplay demo is available for Boss Golf!

This time, you’ll be able to not only build your holes, but also play them. Sort of.

Included in this demo is the basic gameplay for golf. You’ll be able to select between Build and Play modes, allowing you to modify the course and play the hole of your choice.

Controls remain the same, with left click selecting things, right click cancelling things, panning with WASD, rotating the camera with middle mouse button etc.

To play your hole, enter play mode, click on the hole you’d like to play, and press Play! This will open the action menu, and you can choose to Shoot or to Retire from that hole. Pressing Shoot will take you to the club selection menu, so that you can experiment with whatever you’d like, as shown below:


A hole is “completed” when you reach the hole tile at a decent speed. Putting mechanics aren’t in yet. If you want to cancel a hole, simply right click until you get to the Shoot/Retire menu, and select Retire. Alternatively, clicking Build will also work!

That’s it for instructions! You can download the new demo here!

As always, there will be bugs and issues. Anything weird you find, please don’t hesitate to contact me! A comment here, or on our facebook page, will be great!



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