Dev Update #25: Well, that was easier than anticipated!

Dev Update #25: Well, that was easier than anticipated!

Hey folks!

Implementing the procedural collider was actually more effortless than I had anticipated! Prototyped it off the bat, integrated it with the current terrain, threw the ball at it, and well, check it out!


And here you can see the procedural collider in action, recreating the collider as the ball moves through different tiles:


So this is excellent progress. There’s still an issue with some cases where the procedural mesh will be generated slightly above the actual tile, so that’s something I’ll investigate as I develop it. But that worked pretty well, and Boss Golf is looking more like a game!

Next will be to add colliders to other objects (like the trees), and tweaking the physics of the ball. Afterwards, implement the controls to make it more playable (IE: click the hole you wanna play, ball is spawned there, give it some taps and try to complete the hole.), and add more shot options.

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