Dev Update #4: Reaching Higher Grounds

Dev Update #4: Reaching Higher Grounds


On the suggestion of a friend, I decided to take the time to experiment with procedurally generating terrain so that height can be added and give you more diversity on the golf course.

As such, I created a simple TerrainMesh class that generates a single polygon, and maps its UV coordinate according to the type of tile I want. Also implemented methods to allow me to change the Y component of the vertices, so that we can add height. So we can go from this:


To this:


Textures are now 16px*16px inside a larger 512px texture. Can easily increase the size to make it better looking if I so desire, and the system will adjust easily.

Next I’ll implement vertice control, so that the vertices can be selected and raised, and then replace the current system with this. Will also give me more control over creating other meshes to populate the tiles.

Til next time!

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